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The Books Have Arrived!

August 24, 2012 1 comment

My S207 books arrived yesterday! They are quite a colourful set I must say. There are eight of them, but the first one does not really count as it is more on an introduction booklet rather than actual learning material. It still is an interesting read though. I have only very briefly leafed though some of the other ones.

At around 200-250 pages per book the eight stacked do make a solid block. For a 60 credit module i’d expect nothing less (the combined 60 credits from MST121 & MS221 are actually around the same height when stacked next to each other).

I have already worked my way through most of book 1 and and am itching in anticipation to get stuck in and start book 2 (which is about motion). But I had better finish my SXR103 EMA first I guess.

The OUSBA forms for SXP288 Mallorca arrived a few days ago. I just need to fill them in tonight and send it off this weekend. Yippee. Lancaster University is not looking so far away now! 😛



***Edit: I do realise that there has been some rather large gaps between posting my “spurts”. I’ll try to post more often and not leave gaps.***


Um, I mean… SXP288 – Practical Science: Physics and Astronomy

July 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Alright, thanks to David’s comments I was able to catch out a mistake and learn more about this particular “module”.

First thing is first, S288 is SXP288. This is because it appears that S288 refers to a general science module for The Open University, but not the individual topics. In my case, SXP288 is the more physics and astronomy orientated one. Another one for example, is SXL288 – Practical Science: Biology and Health.

According to the website, SXP288 has the option of going to Mallorca for three days. All of the other modules will last three days as well. SXG288 – Practical Science: Earth and Environment & SXE288 – Practical Science: Practical Environmental Science, will both have two residential trips lasting a total of three days each.

Now for some links:

The Next Two Years

June 18, 2011 Leave a comment

As it stands now this is how my next two years should progress. It will be a long and tedious two years no doubt as not only do I want to merely pass these modules, I want to pass them with at least 70%! This will enable me to go for a MPhys course as apposed to a regular BSc.

From October 2011 (this year) I will study the following modules at The Open University:

  • MST121 – Using Mathematics.
  • MS221 – Exploring Mathematics.
  • SXR103 – Practising Science (Only July 16th next year).

From October 2012 (next year) I will study the following modules at The Open University:

  • S207 – The Physical World.
  • S288 – Practical Science (Very little information available on this new course).

After the modules have been completed (and passed) I will transfer to Lancaster University and choose from one of their courses on offer.

So year one is nearly pure math while year two is nearly pure science. I have been told by one of the professors that by the end of year two, my science should be slightly ahead of a year one student at a red-brick university while math will be slightly behind.

For those interested, the whole degree structure is called 2plus2. It is a scheme that The Open University has with a few other regular red-brick universities. For more information, please visit: 

Casual Start

June 17, 2011 1 comment

This is the first post of many that, amongst many other things, will be the place that I share my journey into physics to those whom are interested.

Now, to introduce myself so that you know where I am in regards to achieving this goal.

I will have soon registered at The Open University and will shortly begin studying math and science (I am revising all of high/secondary school math and making sure that I have it mastered).

As some of you might know, The Open University is a correspondence university. My studies with them will last a whole two years before I move on to a good ‘ol red-brick university, which, in my case is more than likely Lancaster University. From there I will specialise in a particular field of physics. I am guessing theoretical physics, but my mind might change before I make the choice.

Now this is something I wish to make a career of as I am unhappy with the direction my life is currently heading (which to say the least isn’t going anywhere to be honest). So I will be aiming for my PhD so that I may enter into research. Groovy.

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