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The Books Have Arrived!

August 24, 2012 1 comment

My S207 books arrived yesterday! They are quite a colourful set I must say. There are eight of them, but the first one does not really count as it is more on an introduction booklet rather than actual learning material. It still is an interesting read though. I have only very briefly leafed though some of the other ones.

At around 200-250 pages per book the eight stacked do make a solid block. For a 60 credit module i’d expect nothing less (the combined 60 credits from MST121 & MS221 are actually around the same height when stacked next to each other).

I have already worked my way through most of book 1 and and am itching in anticipation to get stuck in and start book 2 (which is about motion). But I had better finish my SXR103 EMA first I guess.

The OUSBA forms for SXP288 Mallorca arrived a few days ago. I just need to fill them in tonight and send it off this weekend. Yippee. Lancaster University is not looking so far away now! 😛



***Edit: I do realise that there has been some rather large gaps between posting my “spurts”. I’ll try to post more often and not leave gaps.***


Countdown to Mathematics

July 21, 2011 2 comments

Just a small find that I thought I would share.

On the MST121 homepage ( at the bottom of the “Preparatory work” section there is a recommendation to go through two books before getting your revision material from the OU.

Looking at the first volume’s table of contents it appears that it covers the exact same topics covered in the free Maths Skills booklet provided by The Open University. However it is the second volume that takes you a little further (covering algebra, trigonometry, etc.). Although, as I remember it, it still does not cover everything learnt in secondary school. And at the price of around £30.00 each it seems a little difficult to justify purchasing it (although it also has good reviews on Amazon).

So bottom line, if anyone can convince me to buy it (at the very least the second volume) I will do so.