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Just F.Y.I.

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment

I have not written recently due to me studying 100!% (yes, that’s factorial). No time for anything else other than the occasional Fringe episode to cool the mind down.

After my exam (15th of this month) i’ll be able to write more things. Perhaps more interesting things too.


See you soon!

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A Straight Line Through a Circle

November 19, 2011 1 comment

To find the coordinates where a straight line passes through a circle in four steps.

First: Get the straight line and circle equations.

Second: Replace the “y” variable in the circle equation with the straight line (remember to move r^2 to the other side of the equals sign).
y=mx+c and (x-a)^2+(y-b)^2=r^2

Third: Multiply out and factorise.
The factorised equation will give you one or two “x” values. These values are the x coordinates of where the line intercepts the circle.

Fourth: To find the corresponding y coordinate(s), plug the “x” value(s) into the original straight line equation.

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Useful Windows 7 Applications

November 18, 2011 2 comments

I thought I might as well write one up for the benefit of everyone. Who knows you may actually find one or two of these useful! (These are ALL FREE APPLICATIONS!!!) In no particular order:

1. Firefox (website)
Not much to say here really. This is usually at the top of most peoples list. I like it for the sheer amount of plugins available. I use DownloadThemAll! and Download Helper. I must admit though that I am not a fan of their new release system.

2. Dexpot (website)
After switching to Ubuntu for a while I got used to having virtual desktops. For those of you who do not know what this is, it’s like having many computer screens that  you can switch to with just a click of your mouse. I find this is useful if you are the kind of person who has lots of applications open. Also, I would like to mention Dexclock which comes with Dexpot, it is a desktop wallpaper clock which is a very nice feature in my opinion. Has a very nice taskbar mode called “pager” which I would suggest using.

3. Fences (website)
Lots and lots of icons and folders on your desktop? Fences can help you organise and tidy up without removing a single one. What it does is it creates “boxes” that you can put your icons into. These boxes can be scaled and positioned. Should more icons go into a box than can fit it will create a scrollbar (do not worry, the scrollbar only shows when you hover over the box). You can also name these boxes and have more than one as well as a very friendly colour and transparency customiser. A small feature I found useful is if you double click on your desktop it hides all your icons and boxes (giving you a clean desktop) and re-double click to show them again!

4. Open Hardware Monitor (website)
While I was testing my machine I was wondering that temperatures I was getting inside my computer (as I was worried that the thermal paste was getting too old). Open Hardware Monitor was the only application that was simple and to the point. Lots of temperatures and statistics in an easy to read manner.

5. NetWorx (website)
A very nice bandwidth monitoring utility. It has a very nifty feature that it can place a usage graph on your taskbar. Very nice and clear to read usage statistics.

6. Eraser (website)
When you erase things from your hard drive in the traditional way they are not really being removed from your hard drive. Eraser fixes that with professional grade (think military intelligence “professional”) file erasing techniques, so that when they are deleted they are gone for good with no hope at all of recovery. Very nifty for sensitive data.

7. BOINC (website)
Why not use some CPU cycles for the greater good. Help find the cure for cancer, look for E.T. with SETI or as I am doing; helping CERN with their test4theory (there are many more causes to join so look it up!).

8. MusikCube (website)
Now here is where I differ from the mainstream a little. Most will say use one of the four giants (WinAmp, Foobar2000, iTunes or Songbird). If you had to use one of those I would say Foobar2000 and here is the reason. I have always liked simple music players. I have a dislike of all these “buy music this through the player” or “watch movies in your music player”. I want my music player to only play music as I have other applications to take care of those other bits. MusikCube is VERY lightweight and does what I need (Foobar2000 is pretty much the same). Check it out. Although it is a little lacking in the internet radio department.

9. Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (website)
A lot of people will refer to to VLC. I won’t. I will share with you a little secret; how to get the best out of your player (quality wise). madVR. I really do not have time to write a full guide on how to get it running so I will post a link here that shows you how. You can thank me (and the writer of the guide) later 🙂
Hi10P Info / Guide | Haruhichan

10. LibreOffice (website)
A fully featured office suite born from OpenOffice (it actually has the same development team). This is one of the many free alternatives to Microsoft Office (but in my opinion the best). They are getting the program to run smoother and lighter (and relying less on Java). They have some big dreams, i’m on board.

11. Defraggler (website)
A free hard drive defragmenting application that does what it says on the tin. Lightweight, fast and constantly updated. What more could you ask for? There are a few great alternatives out there but I found this one suits my tastes better.

12. dispcalGUI (website)
This bit may not be useful to many of you. This is the GUI for Argyll Colour Management System (hardware based). Very very good software, you will not find better I promise. Lots of very advanced features so you may need a guide to use it to it’s potential.

13. Notepad++ (website)
A great for programmers. Has almost every programming language you can think of and more! Lots of features and constantly updated. Very lightweight and funky (the logo just plain rocks). Also has a few plugins so if you feel there is a missing feature I suggest you check them out too before dismissing it.

14. CCleaner (website)
A very simple tool that cleans useless rubbish from you computer with the click of a button. Also has the ability to fix some errors with the registry. As with everything else from Piriform; Lightweight, fast and constantly updated.

15. Recuva (website)
Another Piriform treat. This time a file deletion recovery tool (keep in mind that if you deleted the file with Eraser then don’t even bother trying… it’s gone for good). Very nice interface (most others are no so tasty).

Nearly Official

July 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, I received my forms for MST121 and MS221 in the post yesterday so that I may register and pay. After that I believe it is just waiting for the study materials to arrive.

Other than that, I have started studying algebra but have started to find the book I am using Algebra Demystified – A Self-Teaching Guide a little lacking in the explanations area. So I might soon switch to another book if I can find a decent one (anyone who can suggest one would be great). Although I have a feeling I am running out of time, as I need to know everything by October. So I am starting to put more effort in.

I missed studying yesterday as I was hooked watching “The Elegant Universe” which lasted three hours. It is actually a very informative documentary, and I would suggest that anyone with any interest in physics, specifically string theory have watch it.

Um, I mean… SXP288 – Practical Science: Physics and Astronomy

July 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Alright, thanks to David’s comments I was able to catch out a mistake and learn more about this particular “module”.

First thing is first, S288 is SXP288. This is because it appears that S288 refers to a general science module for The Open University, but not the individual topics. In my case, SXP288 is the more physics and astronomy orientated one. Another one for example, is SXL288 – Practical Science: Biology and Health.

According to the website, SXP288 has the option of going to Mallorca for three days. All of the other modules will last three days as well. SXG288 – Practical Science: Earth and Environment & SXE288 – Practical Science: Practical Environmental Science, will both have two residential trips lasting a total of three days each.

Now for some links:

The Silence Before the Storm

June 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Not a lot has happened these past few days. I have had a confirmation that my application has been received and “processed” and that I should be contacted by someone from the admissions department soon. I was hoping for that to be done by this week, but I have given up hope on that and expect it to be next week sometime (can’t blame anyone though, it is exam time).

From here it is really a game of waiting and patience (something which I do not have in great supply right now as all I wish to do is start already). I will only begin studying and revising high/secondary school mathematics once I am officially enrolled and have paid (or been awarded financial support).

For now I have just started reading “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking (the 1995 paperback edition). It’s just one of those books you have to read at some point. I have also bought a magazine of NewScientist just to get my interest and motivation up a little more.

Research Assistant Returns!

June 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Rocko the Reasearch AssistantI am so very happy to say that I have finally gotten my research assistant back (photo left)!

Rocko has been away for 6 months (although it seems more like four years) at CERN looking for the higgs boson but to no avail. Perhaps a tin of beef flavour meat and a good scratch will cheer him up a little.

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