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Procrastination Deluxe

Well, the past week and a half I have not even opened a book. Epic fail I know.

It started out with the feeling that I need a game to play in my spare time (you know to relax) as I was getting bored with films and series. Now I usually prefer offline adventure type games. Ones that require more thought and imagination rather than reflexes (like one of my favourite games; Neverwinter Nights). However I decided to play an online one that I haven’t touched in some-time. I bet you can guess the game…

Now that I think back on it, there were some very familiar signs of a game’s “charm” beginning to take hold:

It started out with the innocent “I feel like playing an interesting game that does not take up too much of my time”.
A few days later this slowly changed into “Oh, I’ll just do one more level… what can it hurt?” and “I just need this one staff and I’ll stop for a bit”.
Soon after followed by the tell-tale “I need to get higher level so that I am in the top half of my guild”.
Finally you find yourself in bed thinking (perhaps even dreaming) “I’m going to do this quest and that quest tomorrow so I can get that epic looking shoulder armour”.

I looked at the calendar nearly needed a new change of pants! Low and behold nearly two whole weeks had passed! Shock and horror!

So now I find myself needing to do a lot more work just to catch up yet alone getting slightly ahead. All this because of games… Looks like I have my work cut-out for me for quite sometime… great… ๐Ÿ˜

***Edit: I forgot to update from the previous post. I have uninstalled Ubuntu and installed Windows 7. Haven’t looked back yet. Might even post next about some useful applications that I have found ๐Ÿ™‚ ***

  1. March 26, 2012 at 7:36 am

    Dont be a knob, play halo, its better at consuming vast amounts of your free time…that being said, I’m going to strangle you when i see you again. or drown you in beer, either one will suffice.

    Dont be scarse dude.

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