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Linux or Windows?

This is a question that I have been asking myself recently.

A few weeks ago I made the switch from Windows 7 to Ubuntu (10.10 as I am still unsure about Unity). The one of the main reasons was that Windows 7 got so much slower over time (no matter how well you looked after your hard drive) and I just generally was tired of it and wanted a change. Oh how I miss XP.

I found Linux to be a surprisingly good replacement. In fact it was much better than I had previously thought. A lot of the applications that I use on Windows can also be found on Linux:

  • Skype
  • Thunderbird
  • Firefox
  • VLC
  • uTorrent
  • LyX (LaTeX editor)
  • VirtualBox

Along with a host of new Linux-only applications that I have already grown very attached to, and anything windows only (Mathcad, Photoshop, etc.) I would run through Windows 7 on VirtualBox. It all seemed like a perfect setup (and it was pretty damn close to this statement too)! Although I would be telling porky-pies if I said that I did not miss playing games.

However there is a single, constantly nagging point for me; screen tearing (at first I thought it was VLC, but after a while I found it was the ATI graphics card drivers). There is a fix/workaround but it appears to only last for a single reboot then I have to apply the changes all over again (and even then the fix/workaround is not all that great). As I watch a lot of movies / TV series / lectures / etc. this is not at all acceptable. My friend does not even notice the tearing but unfortunately I do.

My friends suggest that I dual boot. While this is a perfectly sound idea, I know myself better (I usually end up only using a single OS and the other just collects dust).


So which is it? Linux or Windows? I’ll let you know when I know, although I am leaning more toward switching back to Windows at this moment.

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