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Mmm… It’s a pickle alright!

I have had to move my study time to the library recently due to the distractions at home. Unfortunately the library closes early on Mondays, all day on Wednesdays, hosts a housing benefit meeting on Fridays (making it hard to concentrate with crying babies) and, the cherry on the cake, is also closed all day on Sundays. The next library that is closest to me is more than double the distance, making it pretty much unpractical.

I am however starting to relearn how to wake up early (8:00am haha) so that I can get to the library earlier and hence get more hours of study (just so you know, I currently wake up at around 9:15am but only get to the library at 12:30pm). But this is a work in progress that I plan to be putting in full effect within the next week.

So all this leaves me in a bit of a bind. I struggle to study at home, and I only really get the library to study for a whopping three days of the week. What to do with the remaining four days? Where can I go that has a nice desk, adequate lighting and most importantly a studious atmosphere?


I decided to wait till Friday to post this, as I wished to first examine Fridays before deeming them as unusable. So far (I am writing this in the library) it is almost no different from other days of the week. Fantastic. So I now can claim I have four days of the week for library study.

I have also had insomnia for the last few days, making it harder to achieve my 7:30am wake up (I changed it so that I wake during a REM cycle making it easier to wake up) goal. But I have done some research into sleep in general and will try out a new method to ensure a better night sleep, which in turn will help me wake earlier and easier. If my method works, i’ll post it here for all.

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