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What the Frak

Well, installing Scientific Linux was a little let-down.

First it installed all groovy, but had no NTFS-3G pre-installed (the way you can read and write to NTFS partitions in Linux). But a quick search and I saw that the Scientific Linux LiveCD did have it included. Downloaded it and installed it and my MBR (master boot record) got trashed and GRUB just plain stopped working.

Long and painful story short, I formatted and am now using a fresh Windows 7 32bit and Ubuntu 10.10 32bit install and they are running lovely (although the windows installer for Ubuntu seems to only grant you 30GB space, meaning I cannot make it my primary OS. If anyone knows how to increase this limit, let me know).

No new news with The Open University, other than they resent me the registration pack again for some reason. At least I have a backup copy I guess

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