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Scientific Linux

Decided that it was far past time that I should set myself free from the iron fist grip of Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X.

It came to me after I realised that I do not actually use much operating specific software. Nothing that hasn’t been made for linux too (obviously except for games and a few very rare Windows or Apple specific ones anyway).

So after this revelation I decided to try Ubuntu, the defacto Linux distribution. I didn’t like it one bit. This new “Unity” makes the OS (operating system) look immensely cheap and tacky. Not to mention it is also insanely buggy. So, I uninstalled and went back to the beginning looking for another Linux-based operating system that suited my taste and needs better.

Then I came across Scientific Linux, who Fermilab and CERN have created and use (It is pretty much Red Hat Enterprise Linux with a few modifications to better suit scientific needs). While at the present time I am not sure how the more advanced features will come in handy, I know they will in my future while doing my Masters and PhD (I read that students do find it useful). So I am busy installing the minimum version to give it a quick test-drive.

Should it work fine I will make the switch, even though I am a Linux novice (I believe learning Linux and making it my default OS will help me in the long run).

Also, I would like to add that Firefox 4/5 (pretty much the same thing) are also quite rubbish. I had to revert back to v3.6.8 as most of the useful features vanished (along with my respect for the company). I am guessing this has something to do with Google Chrome, as Mozilla has copied everything they do. Thankfully, the latest Scientific Linux 6.1 comes bundled with this older and better version of firefox (although if you disagree with me and like the new version, you can always upgrade it).

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