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Algebra Demystified

Well, after some hunting around I decided to give Algebra Demystified (Rhonda Huettenmueller – McGraw-Hill) a go.

Only 30 pages in out of 450ish and I am already liking the way the book is set out and how everything is explained (although I have no other books to compare it with so it might not be great in comparison to other books). I am hoping that I get a good grounding using this book, but I’ll probably go through another after this one just to make sure I understood everything (and more questions never hurt anyone) and did not miss anything out.

I am unsure if I should focus on one topic at a time or cover a few, switching it up when I wish to. The way my mind is wired right now, learning a singular topic but very thoroughly is preferable (but would be better to try emulate the way I will learn at university).

No other news to report from anywhere. World of Warcraft game time ran out, and so did the addiction 😀 although I do wish that I could say the same about smoking… sigh

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