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And Then Some Progress

Got that phone call yesterday from The Open University that I have been waiting for. They just discussed the different modules and what is required of them. They also made sure that I was indeed capable of doing both MST121 and MS221 side by side (which I am hoping I am, although I think anyone with a little elbow grease and time can manage to be honest).

The next step is for them to phone me regarding financial stuff (to see if I qualify for UK prices and financial support) although I think that the first year will be moot, as I have not been resident in the UK for three years (I have been for two years).

I have started studying ever so slightly. I started with that basic “maths for science” book that I posted on the previously.  It covers all the basics like ratios, fractions, negative numbers, etc. While it is indeed very basic, it does give me a good grounding and ensures that there isn’t anything I don’t understand. But I will soon start making massive study sessions so that I  get by it quickly and move on to the more tricky stuff (I just have to get over this little World of Warcraft addiction that I have somehow got in my free time haha).

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