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The Next Two Years

As it stands now this is how my next two years should progress. It will be a long and tedious two years no doubt as not only do I want to merely pass these modules, I want to pass them with at least 70%! This will enable me to go for a MPhys course as apposed to a regular BSc.

From October 2011 (this year) I will study the following modules at The Open University:

  • MST121 – Using Mathematics.
  • MS221 – Exploring Mathematics.
  • SXR103 – Practising Science (Only July 16th next year).

From October 2012 (next year) I will study the following modules at The Open University:

  • S207 – The Physical World.
  • S288 – Practical Science (Very little information available on this new course).

After the modules have been completed (and passed) I will transfer to Lancaster University and choose from one of their courses on offer.

So year one is nearly pure math while year two is nearly pure science. I have been told by one of the professors that by the end of year two, my science should be slightly ahead of a year one student at a red-brick university while math will be slightly behind.

For those interested, the whole degree structure is called 2plus2. It is a scheme that The Open University has with a few other regular red-brick universities. For more information, please visit:

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